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Seeking a scholarship is incredibly competitive not an easy task. Please find some general advice and sources of scholarships below.

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We are knowledgeable about scholarships – not claiming to be experts but will share what we know to help you.

There are many classifications of Scholarships, here are some examples
Prestigious Scholarships – Commonwealth Scholarship – Chevening Scholarships – targeting high flyers in academic and job performance
University partial Scholarships – these are offered by a university – it is not too difficult to be awarded a £1,000 to £2,000 scholarship. This helps but you still require a lot of money for the balance of the tuition fees and living expenses.
University full Scholarships – most Universities offer a small number of full scholarships. You must look at their website and see if you meet the criteria for the award.
Gender specific Scholarships – Women in Engineering Scholarships

Most scholarships are offered to applicants that have:-

  1. Excellent grades illustrating high level of academic attainment
  2. The ability to write a high-quality explanation of why you should be considered for a Scholarship award
  3. An illustration of a personal achievement that helps you stand-out from the norm

Scholarships for foundation courses, High School and undergraduate degrees are not very common. Postgraduate Scholarships are more popular. You may consider studying for your undergraduate degree in your home country and on completion apply for a master’s scholarship abroad.

To start the process of applying for a UK scholarship. It is advisable to apply to a UK university in order to be offered a place to study to study before you apply for a scholarship. World Student Advisors, we will help you process your UK university application. Please register with World Student Advisors to enjoy this FREE application support service.

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