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Welcome to World Student Advisors!

Image courtesy of Teesside University

Welcome to World Student Advisors!

Image courtesy of Teesside University

About Us!

World Student Advisors®

WSA Pan-Africa
World Student Advisors (WSA) are a UK founded Pan-Africa Higher Education international university placement organisation. Providing a World-Class service in eight sub-Saharan countries. East Africa (KenyaTanzaniaUganda);  Southern Africa (BotswanaZambiaZimbabwe); West Africa (GhanaNigeria). WSA’s ‘Hub-Spoke’ management model is centred around WSA's Africa Head Office  in Nairobi, Kenya who manage all student applications providing university partners with a high quality one-stop-shop service.

Working with Students
Helping students from Africa find their perfect course and university, providing support and guidance from first contact to enrolment and graduation is what we do. You are welcome to contact the UK headquarters or WhatsApp our 24/7 helpline +44794797830

Working with Parents
As well as supporting students, we all work to provide parents with peace of mind. Having children move to a new country to undertake a higher education course can be a daunting time for any parent. WSA works hard to reassure parents and make the transition as smooth as possible. Contact our WhatsApp 24/7 helpline +44794797830 if you have any questions.

Working with Higher Education Establishments
WSA partners with some of the World’s very best higher education establishments, meaning we can offer our students who want to study in the abroad a wide range of fantastic courses which will prepare you for a promising career in your chosen field. We work hard to nurture the relationships we establish with higher education partners and are proud to say we have solid links with many of the best universities Worldwide.

Working with Sports Camps
As well as providing a gateway to higher education courses, we also work with some of the UK’s most exciting sports academies, including football, rugby, rowing and golf to offer international students the opportunity to train alongside some of the very best sports coaches in the world. Recently, WSA’s main football academy sent three players to represent Nigeria in the U20 Cup of Nations in Niger. We can also arrange a week or two at this football academy.

Online learning courses
Distance learning is a viable way of achieving an international recognised qualification. WSA specialise in helping students find the right distance learning course. You may not want to leave your country, job and family, but you need an international qualification to enhance your career prospects. No visa, no loss of earnings, no missing home. If you are in fulltime employment, we can help you study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree called 'Learning at work'. If you click this link 'Learning at Work' one of the team will respond to you within 48 hours.

Scholarship Advice

Seeking a scholarship is incredibly competitive not an easy task. Please find some general advice and sources of scholarships below.

World Student Advisors
We are knowledgeable about scholarships – not claiming to be experts but will share what we know to help you.

There are many classifications of Scholarships, here are some examples
Prestigious Scholarships – Commonwealth Scholarship – Chevening Scholarships – targeting high flyers in academic and job performance
University partial Scholarships – these are offered by a university – it is not too difficult to be awarded a £1,000 to £2,000 scholarship. This helps but you still require a lot of money for the balance of the tuition fees and living expenses.
University full Scholarships – most Universities offer a small number of full scholarships. You must look at their website and see if you meet the criteria for the award.
Gender specific Scholarships – Women in Engineering Scholarships

Most scholarships are offered to applicants that have: -
  1. Excellent grades illustrating high level of academic attainment
  2. The ability to write a high-quality explanation of why you should be considered for a Scholarship award
  3. An illustration of a personal achievement that helps you stand-out from the norm

Scholarships for foundation courses, High School and undergraduate degrees are not very common. Postgraduate Scholarships are more popular. You may consider studying for your undergraduate degree in your home country and on completion apply for a master’s scholarship abroad.

To start the process of applying for a UK scholarship. It is advisable to apply to a UK university in order to be offered a place to study to study before you apply for a scholarship. World Student Advisors, we will help you process your UK university application. Please register with World Student Advisors to enjoy this FREE application support service.

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