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Timothy James Hunt, CEO & Founder of World Student Advisors

A letter from the CEO about his company.

In 2013, I founded World Student Advisors. Prior to this I managed a printing company in Cambridgeshire before teaching at Watford’s world famous Printing Technology College (which became West Herts College). I am passionate about rugby, having played first class rugby for Bristol RFC, and became player and coach for the college rugby team and founded the International Friendship Society. I was promoted to Senior Lecture and Director of the International Office. During my time at the College I worked on consultancy projects in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and, during a project in Fiji, I captained, played and coached Kandavu Island Premiership Rugby team. 

In 2002 I worked for a university in the Midlands, England. My appointment was Deputy Director of International Office and when I left, I was Regional Manager for Africa, Middle East and Latin America. During my time at this university I established Associations for Nigerian, Southern African, East African students, and Societies for the French and Spanish speakers. The associations and societies greatly enhanced the student experiences and, ultimately, we had the largest number of African students in the UK studying at the university.

In 2013, when I founded World Student Advisors, I had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the logistics of studying abroad, potential issues that might arise and the support that would be required to make a student’s experience enjoyable and productive. I have Higher Education, University and International marketing experience and a good network of friends and associates.

I have witnessed how, with the appropriate placement and support, students can thrive and I am very proud of having been able to facilitate so many young people who have achieved qualifications that have given them a solid foundation towards successful careers.

My primary concern remains with the individual needs of each student, and I will only work with institutions that have a proven track record and commitment to providing high standards of education. This philosophy is maintained by all members of World Student Advisors team. We now have an excellent network of boarding schools with sports academies, pathway providers and universities.

Right now, we have a team managing World Student Advisors STUDENT SUPPORT CENTRE. All staff have the British Council agents’ qualifications.

The Team: World Student Advisors senior management team. Fartun Mohamed, WSA Team Manager, Catherine Njuguna, WSA Student Centre Team Manager, Timothy James Hunt, CEO & Founder of WSA

World Student Advisors has representatives in: East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda); Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe); West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria); Europe (UK, Rome, Italy); We have a team supporting Lusaphone countries: (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe).

In November 2019, we held our first team conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Back row – Marion Mutahi, UN Coordinator, Rome, Italy; Millicent Makonese, Director Zimbabwe; Timothy James Hunt, CEO & Founder; Gladys Banhu, Director Ghana; Catherine Njuguna, WSA Student Centre Team Manager; Tamara Prestigcio, Director Rome, Italy; Fartun Mohamed, WSA Team Manager; Kelvin Mutai, Social Media Manager; Kelvin Tembo, Director Zambia; Front row – Shamim David, Director Tanzania; Lydia Mutahi, School Liaison, Kenya; Michelle Mutasa , Business Development Manager, Zimbabwe.

The conference is invaluable and offers a platform where ideas and experiences can be shared, and we can all come together and gel as team.  During Covid-19 we have maintained regular contact through Zoom.

I am incredibly proud of the World Student Advisors’ team. We are a family and believe in the philosophy, ‘Never send a student where we would not send our own children.’

We care about our students and we have many parents, students and sponsors who love to work with us. We listen, pay attention and we succeed in matching a student’s ambitions with their needs.

Unlike some agents that are less scrupulous, the team at World Student Advisors wants to work with students and parents who are seeking impartial advice and are looking for the best and most appropriate placement for the prospective student. To facilitate this, each student and parent has a designated personal advisor working with them. I conduct regular audits to ensure that standards of advice and support are maintained.

Your Future is Our Mission.

Stay safe during Covid-19 and afterwards, best wishes.

Timothy James Hunt, CEO & Founder of World Student Advisors
WhatsApp: +44 791 4797 830

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