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World Student Advisors offer you free and impartial advice on how to achieve your dreams of studying abroad.

WSA support you from first enquiry to graduation, they will:  –

  • Ease the stress of choosing a university and applying for admission
  • Match your qualifications to foreign university entry requirements
  • Select the right course of study for you
  • Choose a high-quality university with an international reputation
  • Help you gather all the documents required to apply
  • Proof-reading your personal statement
  • Comment on your curriculum vitae format and content
  • Work with you to find the right solution within your budget
  • Find partial scholarship opportunities to reduce costs
  • Advise on a broad range of scholarship opportunities
  • Send your complete application to your chosen university
  • Ensure that you receive a conditional offer within a few days
  • Advise on the best way to pay your deposit
  • Inform you on how to apply for a study visa
  • Make sure that you are prepared for a visa interview
  • WSA have a 100% success record in obtaining student visas
  • Offer you a pre-departure briefing – what to expect at your university
  • Keeping in-touch with you during your studies
  • At WSA you become friends for life with our team and we are always available 24/7 if required

You next task is to select the right course for you. WSA have developed their own fulltime study abroad course finder.
The first thing to do is select your level of study.
WSA UK full time course finder will prompt you to make some selections, leading to a range of courses.

First, you must select your next level of study.
This a guideline, showing you the format of WSA’s UK course study selection application.

Here is some useful information to help you select your next level of study.

UK Foundation  – A Level are entry level 2 exit level 3.
Level 2 is WAEC, NECO, KCSE, GCSE and so on…
Level 3 is the entry qualification to the first year of a three-year UK undergraduate degree.
UK Undergraduate degree, normally three years is entry level 3 exit level 6.
Level 6 is equivalent to UK undergraduate degree level.
Top-up degree (final year) is entry level 5 exit level 6.
The most common level 5 qualification is a High National Diploma (HND).
Pre-Masters is for students qualified below level 6, pre-Masters exit is Level 6
Postgraduate Masters is entry level 6 exit level 7.
UK Masters normally have a 12 month study period.
PhD, if studied fulltime takes at least 3 years. Entry level 7 exit level 8.

You may wonder why we have gone into so much detail. It’s important to know your qualification level as this will determine you next qualification.

The next step is to select your institution or university. If you click on one of the universities you will be sent a list of courses that meet your criteria. If you are not sure then choose ‘Select All’


The next stage is to select your subject area.

To choose your subject area simply click on one from the list. You could click ‘Select All’ if you are not sure.


Here is an example of what you will be sent. Undergraduate, University of Suffolk and Health and Medical.


Here is the link to the UK fulltime course finder. Please use this to help you fomr the right course for you.

Other areas of free and impartial advice are as follows: –

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Register for further support
Good luck and please keep in touch with World Student Advisors, Africa’s most popular source of free and impartial advice for African students seeking and international qualification.

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