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‘Learning at Work’ provides a wide range of work based and distance learning courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The key benefit to you is that you can tailor your learning to suit your professional and personal needs. These qualifications are awarded by the University of Portsmouth one of the UK’s leading Higher Education institutions.

Entry requirements

To qualify for ‘Learning at Work’ you must be employed.

Undergraduate applicants should already have post-school higher education such as an
HNC, HND, Foundation Degree or have considerable work experience.

You would not be eligible for our courses if you only have high school or senior school

Postgraduate applicants would hold an undergraduate degree, or a lesser qualification with considerable work experience.

Advantages of ‘Learning at Work’

  • Undergraduate applicants can be awarded up to 240 credits for you work experience and previous qualifications. This is equivalent to year one and two of a UK undergraduate degree. To complete your UK University of Portsmouth degree, you study a top-up year equivalent to 120 credits reducing both cost and time.
  • Postgraduate applicants can be awarded up to 120 credits for work experience and previous qualifications. To complete your UK University of Portsmouth Masters, you would study the final 60 credits reducing both cost and time.
  • Each application is assessed based on your work experience and qualifications.
  • UK University qualification
  • UK degree gives you currency to seek a new job
  • UK degree sets you apart from local degree holders
  • Gain promotion with a UK degree
  • Design your own learning programme
  • No visa required to travel abroad
  • No flight and accommodation costs
  • No loss of earnings while studying
  • Keep your job and earn promotion
  • Personal career development
  • This is a third of the cost of studying abroad
  • You don’t have to pay all the fees at once
  • Excellent Return on Investment
  • The MSc Occupational Health and Safety Management and MSc Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management are both accredited by The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • You will have a personal tutor & ongoing support
  • Network with other Learning at Work students
  • Benefit to your employer through work based projects
  • Don’t miss this opportunity of a life time!

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