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Would you like to be an English Premiership Football player? Are you good enough? Have you what it takes?
There is only one way to find-out, enrol at Brooke House College Football Academy in the UK

Examples of Brooke House College Football Academy success

Habib Makanjuola, former Brooke House College student who is from Nigeria. He has signed for Leicester City under 23 squad


‘I owe my success to Brooke House College football academy. It’s not easy, you have to train very hard, look after your self & become very self-disciplined. If you want to find out if you are good enough to make it, there is only one place to be. If you have what it takes, BHCFA will bring it out in you. It’s no place for a student who is not serious and hungry for success. Good luck!’

Jesse Sekidika, signed for Benifica FC February 2015

‘There is opportunities outside of the UK. Scouts coming to Brooke House College Football Academy from all over Europe as they now it’s a hot bed of budding talent. What I like about this place is that you study in the morning and play football in the afternoon. I have university entry qualifications as back-up. Your parents will like this excellent academic aspect of Brooke House College.’

‘It has been an amazing journey. I finally made it as a professional football. Brooke House College Football Academy really believed in me and pushed me to find out if I have what it takes. I also have university entry qualifications, this made my parents very happy. Brooke House help you become the best in whatever you do.’

Girls football the fastest growing sport in the World

Brooke House College have a girls football academy


What are your challenges?

Persuading my parents to send me to a football academy.
They think I might become a professional footballer but want me to have academic qualifications so that I could go to university if I don’t make top level football.

The school fees are not a problem, its convincing my parents.

Thoughts from Timothy James Hunt, CEO & Founder of World Student Advisors

I understand your parents’ concerns. Brooke House College Football Academy encourages you to excel in the academic classroom and on the football training pitch.

BHC arrange academic classes with high quality teachers in the morning and football coaching in the afternoon. This makes sense, after academic classes blow off some steam with hard physical exercise.

If students don’t attend the academic classes or you don’t hand in their homework, they are banned from the football academy! This is tough but it works as it maintains academic and physical discipline. Parents would appreciate the ethos behind this regime I am sure.

BHC have two broad aims. Firstly, they want to test you, to see if you have what it takes to become a professional football player. It’s not all about football skills, talent and physical attributes. It more about dedication, commitment and an iron will to succeed. They also want you to have university entry level academic qualifications. In fact, there is more than two aims, as in the process they help you develop as a rounded, self-disciplined person. It’s an amazing environment to be part of.

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