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My son met Tim Hunt, CEO and Founder of World Student Advisors in Nairobi. Brian returned to our home in Mombasa during one of the school breaks very enthusiastic about attending Brooke House College in England who are reputed to have one of the best football academies in England.

We arranged a Zoom meeting with Tim and his team and were we delighted with the level of advice and the information. Tim included the head coach and marketing director from Brooke House College. It was a wonderful hour.

I set Brian a goal. If he gets good grades at GCSE A’s and B’s I promised him the opportunity to take A Levels with Football at Brooke House College, England. He did amazingly well, and he really wanted this opportunity. As promised, we applied with the help of World Student Advisors and they arranged a visa for Brian, myself and my wife.

We arrived at Birmingham Airport and Tim met us. He drove me and Brian to Market Harborough, the lovely English town in Leicestershire where the College is located. Due to the Covid situation Brian went into quarantine for 14 days. I drove back with Tim to his town, called Kenilworth. I spent 14 days in quarantine at the Holiday Inn, Kenilworth. Tim visited me several times and we became good friends.

When my 14 days expired, Tim drove me to Market Harborough. My daughter, who is studying in London, met us at the local railway station. Brian arrived and we had a lovely family reunion. I booked into the Holiday Inn, Leicester with my daughter. We visited Brian every day. We watched a match; he played for the 2nd team and they won 2 – 1 and the other days we watched training sessions. The structure of the day is academic lessons until 1400 hours then football training every afternoon with competitive matches on Wednesday and Saturday.

World Student Advisors, and especially Tim, really provided an amazing service. Without him and his team the whole experience would never have been so good. For years to come, I will remember this time in the UK, at Tim’s town Kenilworth and wonderful moments with my children.

Thank you, World Student Advisors. If Tim’s visits Mombasa I will revenge! If you are African, you will know what the means!

Sebastien Odhiambo father of Brian Odhiambo

A Levels at Brooke House College, Market Harborough, England

As we all know things are not easy in Zimbabwe and I don’t want to turn this into a political statement. The bottom line is most Zimbabweans do not have high enough levels of disposable income to study abroad. This is possibly factual about most of sub-Saharan ran Africa.

I was in a search for a scholarship and gave this up after several failed attempts. I then turn to World Student Advisors for help and advice.

I met Millicent Makonse, WSA Director for World Student Advisors in Harare. She is a straightforward honest lady and I respect her for these qualities. We looked at my budget and what were the honest options.

We settled for the University of Debrecen, Hungry. Please do not make the mistake and think because a university’s degree tuition fees are not that expensive it equates to poor quality. The University of Debrecen is highly regarded for research and its medical School is recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Once we were set on the BSc Chemical Engineering the rest of the WSA team kicked in. Catherine superbly managed my application and Fartun added the cream to the cake by taking me through the visa process.

World Student Advisors are not so well known as the cowboys such as SI-UK whose customer services leaves a lot to be desired.

If I was a Zimbabwean hoping to study abroad, I would work with World Student Advisors, real people with time for you.

Garai Moyo from Zimbabwe

BSc Chemical Engineering University of Debrecen, Hungary

I had some money to study abroad. I looked at the USA and this is much more expensive than the UK. I found World Student Advisors through a Google search and I sent Tim Hunt, CEO and Founder and WhatsApp message. He replied within minutes and then we talked about my qualifications, what I would like to study and most important my parents BUDGET!

I desperately wanted a UK degree; I know how highly they are valued. The budget was the issue. Tim suggested Cyprus. My mum and dad were not keen, they have heard stories about low quality degrees from Cyprus. This proposition was different. As the University of Central Lancashire has a good reputation and they validate their OWN DEGREES at their OWN CAMPUS in Cyprus. The fees were manageable, the climate fantastic and the teaching as good as would get from the UK. My final degree award is a UK degree from a well-respected UK university with no mention of Cyprus.

This is am amazing story had it not been for World Student Advisors I would have had to study at a local university in Lusaka.

Thank you, World Student Advisors

Chanda Phiri from Zambia

BSc (Hons) Psychology University of Central Lancashire Cyprus Campus
Helping Others


Several student-led charitable drives raise thousands of dollars annually and help provide supplies that directly benefit underserved communities in San Francisco, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Eritrea and other places around the globe.

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