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Timothy James Hunt, CEO & Founder of World Student Advisors
During my tenure at Coventry University as Regional Manager for Africa, Latin America & The Middle East. I had the good fortune to meet many very talented students. One stands out as exceptional, as I recall my first meeting with Julius Aroba, who was studying for an MSc Information Technology. He was elected as President of Coventry University’s Nigeria Society. Currently, we had over 1,000 Nigerian students at the university. The job as President required tact and understanding of Nigerian culture and diversity. Julius was the man for the task, supported by a very strong committee.


The Nigerian Society was the most active of all the other student groups. The events Julius and his committee managed were varied and dynamic. I am sure no other UK university supported their students as we did.
On graduation Julius, in 2010 founded Aroseglinks Services Limited and he went onto be one of the youngest Managing Directors. He also manages has a sister company called MarvinandJulius Ltd he specialises as an IT resource expert.  I am sure that his tenure as President of the Nigerian Society helped prepare him for the cut-and-thrust of running a commercial organisation. It also taught me a lot about Nigeria’s diversity and talented people. I recall walking through Schiphol airport in Amsterdam and being asked by a KLM official, how often did I travel abroad, where did I go and what’s my favourite destination. For the latter I said ‘Nigeria’. Here mouth fell open with disbelief. I think if Nigeria got its act together, they would be a superpower. People such as Julius and I have met others extremely talented Africans are tomorrows or todays leaders. Fantastic role models for Nigerians and all Africans to aspire too.

Engr. Julius O Aroba, Managing Director Aroseglinks Services Limited
Former President of Coventry University’s Nigeria Society
twitter: @aroseglinks

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