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I was finding it difficult to find an honest source of impartial advice to support my daughter, Maria’s desire to study for a BSc in Biomedical Sciences in the UK. An Angolan school friend, who I have known for many years, recommended that I contact Timothy James Hunt (informally Tim Hunt) CEO and Founder of World Student Advisors who is based in the UK.

After an initial telephone conversation with Tim, we arranged a Zoom meeting between me, my daughter, my wife, Isabel and Tim. We were introduced to Fartun, Catherine, and Pedro, World Student Advisors support staff. Fartun is the Africa Manager for WSA and is the Tier 4 visa advisor specialist.  Mr Pedro Bezarra is an Angolan/British gentleman, bilingual Portuguese and English educated to master’s level in the UK. Catherine manages World Student Advisors Student Support Centre. In less the five minutes I knew we have found the right people whose customer service is the best I have ever experienced during my lifetime.

First of all, we had to top-up Maria’s academic qualification to Level 3 and improve her English. This was achieved through Cambridge Education Group On-Campus foundation course in Life Sciences at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). Maria enjoyed a wonderful year progressing to a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). The World Student Advisors team were with us all the way. They set-up a WhatsApp group for me, my wife, daughter, Fartun, Catherine and Tim. It was amazing as we were able to contact the WhatsApp group seven days a week and 24 hours of any day and they were there for us.

There are a number of agencies in student placement business. I have been in contact with a reasonable number trying to find impartial and good advice.  World Student Advisors are miles ahead of their competition and my memory of our first Zoom meeting was their CEO, Tim Hunt telling me ‘World Student Advisors philosophy imbedded through the whole organisation is ‘we would not consider sending your son or daughter where we would not send our own children.’ And they lived up to this claim and so much more. If you want an excellent service I 100% recommend World Student Advisors.

Fernando Domingo father of Maria Domingo from Angola

I met Tim Hunt in Gaborone, Botswana in 2015 and we discussed studying in the UK. At this time, I did not have the funds to study abroad for an undergraduate degree. Nevertheless, he took the time to talk to me and he advised me to study locally and then look for a master’s degree when I have my first degree. The master’s degree in the UK normally takes 12 months to complete as opposed to a first degree which can take three of four years. On completion of my first degree I contact him in 2019 and he remembered meeting me, which is amazing as I would imagine he meets many people. I was also impressed with his knowledge of my country. He has stayed with former students in Francistown, visited the Okavango Delta, Chobe and many more places. I felt like he knew my country better than me!

We discussed my masters and he recommended Teesside University for animation. Teesside is ranked 3rd in the UK in the Animation Career Review College Rankings 2020 and 14th in the world in the Animation Career Review International Animation School Rankings 2020. Tim managed to get me a partial scholarship of £2,000 from Teesside and I had the most rewarding year of my life.

What added to my course preparation was the introduction to World Student Advisors staff Fartun and Catherine who formed a WhatsApp group and they became like sisters to me, guiding me through the application process and more important that were instrumental in helping obtain my Tier 4 visa.

World Student Advisors are the best if want a warm, friendly and professional service. And more important the right course at the right university within your budget.

Akanyang Mooketsi from Botswana

I wanted my daughter, Denise, to attend a UK Russell Group University. She has a UK degree in accounting and finance with a 2:2 grade.

This was disappointing as Russell Groups accept 2:1 and higher entry grade. Through a friend of mine I was introduced to Tim Hunt, CEO and Founder of World Student Advisors. We discussed the options and he recommended StudyGroup who work alongside a number of Russell Group Universities and provide pre-masters programmes gain entry.

We formed a WhatsApp group with me, Denise, Fartun, Catherine (WSA support staff) and Tim. This was a revelation in communication, we became like a family. I was able to chat to the team seven days a week at any time. Towards the end Dan, from StudyGroup joined the group and he was extremely helpful.

I you want a superb high quality and friendly service I recommend you contact World Student Advisors.

Miranda Atanga mother of Denise Atanga from Cameroon

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